Sophia Lee offers FREE design consultations turning your dream jewellery into a reality.  Designed to your exact specifications with knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process we can create beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery to suit any style, occasion or budget. So whether you're looking for your perfect bridal jewellery, your dream engagement ring or something simple to wear and enjoy everyday we can create it just for you; with bespoke, personal service at each step. 

Create your dream Jewellery

From simple stud earrings to elaborate engagement rings, Sophia will under take a variety of different jobs and will always offer a free consultation. To get the ball rolling on your dream creation please do not hesitate to contact Sophia to arrange a consultation. Exquisite pieces of bespoke jewellery can be crafted to a high standard in as little as a few days* and are always guaranteed offering you confidence and piece of mind. * manufacturing time will vary from each job.   ​

Bring it to life!