Your Wedding Day should be the most magical day of your life!

Every detail should be just as you dreamed it, so why not have your dream jewellery? 


Bespoke Bridal Jewellery, made exactly to your specifications and budget, handmade by skilled professionals with love and quality so it can last a lifetime, just like your love. 

So if you have a vision for your big day why not get in touch and let me design your dream jewellery so you can have something as unique and beautiful as you are. Whether you have a vision of a string of exquisite timeless pearls or something simple and modern, set with stunning diamonds let's design it together, for what could be more special then something made especially for you!

Wedding bands are the key to any ceremony and an age old tradition, the ring symbolises eternity; having no beginning and no end and choice and variety available is nearly as limitless. What you choose is really down to you and should be a perfect fit. I am able to supply a wide variety of Wedding Bands at the best prices in Bournemouth, so whether you and you're loved one have something simple in mind or your heart set on something a little more extravagant talk to me and I can offer a free, no obligation quote as well as helping you step by step through the design process. I also host workshops which offer you and your partner a fun and informal environment to doodle and design your perfect bands.

If you're looking to have a shaped wedding band, made perfectly to fit and compliment your engagement ring don't be fooled into thinking it costs a fortune or takes a lifetime!

Shaped wedding bands can be made in as little as an afternoon* so you wont have to be without you beloved engagement ring for too long! All work is carried out in local workshops by professional and experienced goldsmiths so it can be made with love and bespoke, personal service. Please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss the design process and receive a free no obligation quote. 

*subject to making an appropriate appointment.